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i listened and still listen to quite a lot of dj-mixes. these days i see them rather as information: who plays what, in which directions does dance music evolve, and so on. but then, from time to time, or more precise: every couple of months there is a mix that does not leave my player. a mix that re-establishes my faith in electronic dance music.

one of these rare mixes is beda‘s missing filling. a liquid mix. not flashy – elegantly flowing. with an up-mood, but discreetly so. obviously highly recommended. so head over to beda’s site and download this pearl here.

UPDATE: the mixes on his site get regularly changed – so you do get one (or two) newer mixes at the above link.


2 Responses to “insert – beda”

  1. a. Says:


    mmmh… i couldn’t listen to the mp3 of nanni svampa you posted. the quality was too bad 😦
    i don’t know what happened…

    i’ll try that mix now…
    let’s see if i find a dj, i like, too…
    the last one i’ve found was dr auaratheft and is based in holland…


  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    i will look into the bad quality issue – seems like there is some nasty distortion – and i guess we can not pretend that it is something like punk-folk… looks like i have to check my set-up…aargh…

    ah, dr. auratheft, yep, some of his mixes are on my harddisc, too – he has a very interesting blog – sometime i will have to present it here as well, too.

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