more fassbinder: lili marleen ost

i just found it this week – and i’m quite excited having found it. it’s the soundtrack to the movie lili marleen by r. w. fassbinder. so to share my excitement and to show off my find i decided to put it up here.


the movie tells the story of a popular singer in the second world war – loosely based on the biography of the woman that made the song lili marleen famous, lale andersen. sung by many others in many languages since, with this record you get a german and an english version sung by hanna schygulla. what else do you get? well, have a look at the tracklist:

A1 Lili Marleen (german version)*
A2 Theme Willie – Part I
A3 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
A4 Got A Bran’ New Suit*
A5 Ouvertüre
A6 English Valse
A7 Theme Willie – Part II
B1&B2 In Einem Polenstädtchen/O Du Schöner Westerwald-Veronika Der Lenz Ist Da
B3 Theme Willie – Part III
B4 Theme Willie – Part IV
B5 Willie’s Valse
B6 Abschiedsmelodie
B7 Theme Willie – Part V
B8 Lili Marleen (english version)*

Peer Raben Orchestra
* sung by Hannah Schygulla

so most are instrumental tracks – short bits, actually. then there is to note that the tracklist (taken from the label) differs from the tracklist on the cover (which has obviously some mistakes). and track B1&B2 segue into each other.

ripped@224 from vinyl – you can get it here.

for more information about the song and its fascinating history you can either visit wikipedia or google it – if you want to have a listen to some other versions you can go here.

for a synopsis of the movie in german, french, english you can visit the fassbinder foundation.

2 Responses to “more fassbinder: lili marleen ost”

  1. rob Says:

    hey Lizard,

    you have a really interesting blog and I thank you for Lily Marleen

    greetings rob

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thank you rob!

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