request – milanese

yeah – took me a while…


here some italian folkmusic: nanni svampa – al di d’incoeu from a series of records with lombardian (north-italian) folk-music. if you see the, ähem, rather naïve cover you might would not expect it, but it is actually a very pleasant record. an interesting variety of instrumentation. so you get popular (as: from the people) songs in lombard (an italian dialect) interpreted by nanni svampa. nanni svampa is an italian musician moving between popular songs, cabaret and french chanson, i.e. he made a record with songs by the great george brassens (yep, i guess i will have to post something by him soon, too).

so give it a listen: nanni svampa – al di d’incoeu, milanese – antologia della canzone lombarda parte terza / volume XI ripped@192 as mp3-files, including cover scans with explanatory texts (in italian) and the tracklisting – get it here (link dead).

signor svampa’s website you’ll find here.


5 Responses to “request – milanese”

  1. a. Says:

    al di d’incoeu l’è mia üncha da truvà un zichinin da bona müsica in dialet lumbaard… grazie pel link!
    p.s.: … e io continuerò a vergognarmi d’aver imparato un dialetto tedesco ma di non riuscire a parlare il mio dialetto.

  2. a. Says:

    … “you have the occasion to hear that guttural, allemanic language they call shwiitzertütsh”…

    exactly! i had to learn that dialect, and not the beautiful one from the northest part of italy. such a pity.

    still, i will listen to that first record of züri west, too! 🙂


  3. sunbathinglizard Says:

    grin – are you bashing the allemanic? i found the dialects of northern italy (and the ticino) somewhat irritating – too many “ü”‘s – and as with many italian dialects: you do not understand them – even after learning italian! – but then the same can be said about “schwiizertütsh” (certain regions have a lot of “ü”‘s, too) and it does not help to learn german.
    and well, züri west is always worth a listen. a cool band. hmmm – one day i might have to do a post about them. and well, about music in strange dialects, too – aargh – so many posts still to do…
    and you are welcome, of course!

  4. Clod Says:

    It is not correct that all northern italian dialects have the “ü” called “ü lombarda” in dialectology circles. If you take the swiss italian dialects as spoken in Ticino and some valley of the Grisons, e.g in Mesolcina (the valley that from Bellinzona goes toward the San Bernardino pass and road tunnel, the “ü” doe not exist at all. No words with “ü”, only plain u.
    This does not make it more understandable, though.

  5. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks – must be my childhood memories playing tricks on me – or something like that…

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