insert: high heels

it started with an ad in the german music magazine spex. then i had the new butt magazine in my letterbox. and then i received this email with a clubprogram for this weekend. so i thought: it is about time to do a post!

what am i talking about? well, i am talking about high heels. although we might have to be thankful to sex and the city for drawing attention to the fact that high heels can be beautiful objects, the talk inside and outside this series about women obsessing about high heels got a little bit tiring (as well as the series). especially since they overlooked one thing: high heels look really fantastic and dangerous on men. and yes, lately this seems to be again a hip thing to do. and i’m all for it. but have a look for yourself:

from the september/oktober 2007 edition of the german “magazin für popkultur” spex comes this great ad for the clothing stores herr von eden:


then from butt magazine no. 21 (late autumn / early winter 2007) comes not only a fantastically fierce cover


but you’ll find inside a series of pictures of lads (photography by andreas larsson, casting by jeannete) – here you see jeanette herself:


then i just received an email informing me about what is happening this weekend – in that email was the following pic (i am not really sure who it is and where it comes from originally – if anybody knows, let me know!):


aaah – zorro with high heels!

for more high heels there is of course well known manolo blahnik – but i would like to draw your attention also to the cute christian louboutin and his creations.


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