insert: high heels – denis bortek


photo by marion hospal

more kinky rock ‘n’ roll – well, it’s a little bit more complicated. although some of the musical references overlap with the cramps (13th floor elevator, reckless eric, iggy and the stooges), jad wio also incorporated in their long career of course glam, but then also electronics and chanson. but then there are also references to cabaret and beyond music to poetry and literature in general. and then there is also the important reference to the philosopher gilles deleuze…yeah!

and yes, their stage presence is a lot of fun – the band basically consists of christophe kbye and denis bortek – that’s the one with the high heels…


photo by velvetcondom

jad wio actually just released a new album titled sex magik – i haven’t heard it yet. well, it is kind of difficult to obtain it outside of france..grrr.

but this time you get something a lot older. some sweet rarity: jad wio live a la dolce vita.


ripped from vinyl@192, two mp3-files: side 1 / side 2. the tracklist reads as follows:

Side 1
1 Taïba
2 Wsd (Walk in the sky with diamonds)
3 Colors in my dream
Side 2
4 Rythm’ box bunny
5 The ballad of candy valentine
6 Cellar dance
7 Young girl

get it here.

on this record, jad wio sound something like “new wave rock ‘n’ roll”, partly due to the drumbox, partly because they have a certain hysterical quality. that same hysterical quality (something like an overwound music-box) is also shown very well in their coverversion of the 13th floor elevator’s you’re gonna miss me:

then please visit their homepage.

and here you find an interesting little interview with denis bortek (in french, though).

6 Responses to “insert: high heels – denis bortek”

  1. Rachel Says:

    hi! just had to tell you how glad i am to see another jad wio fan! Nobody i know has ever even heard of them and it’s such a shame because they’re such a great band! Also, if you’re interested, i have 3 full albums from Jad Wio in mp3 format- including sex magik… feel free to email me if you would like me to send you a copy 🙂

  2. magik c Says:

    where are you, in england / london?
    you may find the vinyl there, I can propose to send you vinyl and or cd at your convenience
    feel free to contact us

  3. Stef Says:

    Thanks for this post, as Rachel said, a great unknown band but with a voice near Bauhaus. Only one get out…

  4. Polinay Says:

    Thanks so much for the great post. I have been obsessed with Jad Wio lately. I tried to get the album you posted but it asked me to sign up to some account and asked for my credit card. i would really love to have a copy, can you help please.



  5. sunbathinglizard Says:

    well, it is somehow a good band to be obsessed about…
    then – you must have clicked on the wrong thing: after clicking on the link in the post you should get to a site where you can click on “request download ticket”, then a new page opens and you can click on “download” – then the download should start.
    hope it works!

  6. mastercharged Says:

    I try to download your file but the answer is “no such file” could you pleaze reup ?

    I have all the jad wio album (even the live at la dolce vita but the lp is scratch all) if you are interested contact me.

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