et hop! sugarhill gang

my record finder mastah w brought me this weekend quite a pack of vinyls – some pearls, some funny stuff, some odd stuff and some…sugarhill gang. what a good timing!

so you get some really ancient hip hop…

first, from 1981: 8th wonder


yeah, the cover isn’t really, hm, pretty…

the music is still very funk – just electrified. for me it somehow foreshadows rather the electric funk à la alexander o’neal then hip hop. well, hot hot summer day does remind me of summertime, though. but decide for yourself.

this is what you get:

A1: Funk Box
A2: On The Money
A3: 8th Wonder
B1: Apache
B2: Showdown (with the Furiuous Five)
B3: Giggalo
B4: Hot Hot Summer Day

ripped from vinyl@192, tracklist included. get it here (link killed).

and then, from 1982, you get rappin’ down town. already somewhat more hip hop. very much party oriented, i would say – a lot about the ladies… and space race reminds me very strongly of another track…


the tracklist reads as follows:

A1: The Lover In You
A2: The Word Is Out
A3: Winner Is
B1: Kick It Live From 9 To 5
B2: Space Race
B3: Girl’s

also ripped from vinyl@192 – some scans and the tracklist included. get it here (link dead).

a big than you to mastah w!


2 Responses to “et hop! sugarhill gang”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    WOW! Thank you!!

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    you are welcome!

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