yeah, i made it – this is post numer 100. presents, especially the expensive ones – are of course accepted. so you’re poor? well, a comment will do, too.

i’ve reached that statistical point faster then expected – i still remember when i wrote the first post…wow. some more statistical points have been reached, too. so far it has been a lot of fun doing it, and it has been rather exciting seeing it evolving. and i’m curious as to how it will evolve in the future. well, quite a lot of stuff is already planned, there are tons of music that still wants to be posted and many topics that want to be explored and many links that have to be presented – it will not be boring (at least not for me).

a closer look at my statistics reveals that there seems to be quite a number of people coming back regularly – great! then: the prince-bootlegs were enormously popular – concerning music downloads: metalheadz metalbox and léo ferré have been the most downloaded (both have also been linked to externally). mustaphy tettey addy got an amazing amount of downloads, too. but hey, people: double exposure got far too little recognition! you do not know what you are missing! so get it now!

then it is rather amusing to see what people are searching for and then end up on my blog (wordpres shows you the search strings). i had to giggle about the person that searched for and also the trees and ended up at the la muerte post. well – if that person would have left me a note maybe there would be now a and also the trees post on this blog, too. so to my readers. dare to ask! it’s possible i do not have it – but chances are i might – also requests that are a little bit more general are welcome…

then i am amazed how many people are looking for santrra, still. well, she certainly deserves the attention. and i am intrigued that somebody actually searched for joker records.

more interesting searchstrings: a lot of people are interested in tearoom sex… hmmm… also a nice search string: “why i can not counsel a homosexual” – i would love to know the story behind that one. then also the question “when did george michael turn fag?” is a rather strange one… and to the person looking for “homosexual drum ‘n’ bass”: i would be highly interested in your findings! and i’m proud that even people looking for snooker ended up here…

and yes, i get quite some people who are interested in what homosexual (life) means – interesting to note, that, besides the music posts, the post a homosexual life is rather popular. the we have a sharp increase for the post who are you? a homosexual. i wonder if scott tucker is holding a seminar? because i did not find him to inform him about this post – but he did find me and left some inspiring comments – have a look!

so it is time now for thank you’s: thank you to N for his support in so many ways! thank you to M for his nearly irritating enthusiasm! and a big thank you to R: without you, that blog would certainly look rather different (by the way: a lot of people are seemingly searching information on mahmoud khaled)! then a big thank you to the music blogs presented here (there are still some missing, though) – not only you put up great music, but you do it in a nice way and are a continuing inspiration. and thank you for your nice comments and words of encouragement and respect.

so let’s move to the comments: a special thank you to patrick ffrench for his supportive message. and a big thank you to scott tucker for participating in this blog (see above). of course a thank you to everybody that left a comment or sent a message – and especcially thank you to martin who actually gave us the opportunity to get some more great music by pan.american – this is highly appreciated!

and then i would like to thank all the other music bloggers, other bloggers, numerous websites – a special thank you goes out to the generous people at sfrp! – and all the thinkers and artists that continue to make living so interesting – pfuuuh, i sound like i received an oscar…

to end this post i would like to thank that person which actually inspired me a big deal to start my own blog: the person responsible for the now defunct rbally.net. it was a music blog i discovered quite early on and liked for introducing me to new music but especially for his unique vibe – if anybody knowing the person responsible for it, let her / him know that her / his work did have some rather far reaching effects.

so to close this post (and before we start hugging each other) i would like to post something as a tribute to rbally. i would like to present here a very nice, very, hm, lonely, fragile sounding set, perfect for these november days, by rbally-favourite cat power.

cat power, all by her own, live at la cigale, paris on 11-11-2005:

01 Love_and_Communication
02 Hate
03 Greatest
04 Who_Knows
05 Lived_In_Bars
06 Willie
07 Empty_Shell
08 House_Of_The_Rising_Sun
09 Hey_Porter
10 Wild_Is_The_Wind
11 I_Dont_Blame_You
12 Satisfaction
13 Dreams_Blue_Moon

get it here!


4 Responses to “100”

  1. Les Says:

    Congrats on #100. Thanks for the Cat Power!!!

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thank you and enjoy cat power!

  3. Anna Says:

    Les said all there is to say 😉
    Cheers, a.

  4. norman Says:

    a bit late but then i had a hot date the weekend…congrats on the 100 posting
    always something new to find and to enjoy….and i notice a good amount of research and dedication.
    tks a million and will be back time and again….for sure.!!!!

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