same same but different

on the post a homosexual life i got a comment by suzie queue – thank you, suzie! since i suspect that not many of you saw it i would like to bring it to your attention here:

I gotta tell you, I always laugh when I hear those right wing idiots talk about the “Homosexual LIFESTYLE”.

I bet they think that every gay men wakes up to an alarm-COCK, brushes their teeth with a dildo-shaped toothbrush, takes a shower and shove the back-srubber up their ass…

They just can’t imagine that gay men lead ordinary lives like the rest of the world. What’s done in the bedroom between consenting adults is nobody’s business. And really, if a “Hetersexual LIFESTYLE” is defined by having sex with a woman, then that’s about 20 minutes every few days. THen when you’re not having sex, you’re JUST LIKE the gay men who are not having sex.

So what’s the difference?

first i would like to say that i want that toothbrush – do they also do electric ones of that model?

actually i don’t want to add much to this comment – it should rather be an invitation to other readers to voice their opinion. so what’s the difference?

what i would like to add is that the talk of a homosexual lifestyle in a political context usually just means that being homosexual is a choice and therefore one can also decide against being homosexual. but i am not really interested in that. what i would be interested is rather in the gay lifestyle – i call it that way to make the difference to the homosexual desire, which i do not think is a choice. but how do you express this same-sex desire in your social identity? and how much choice do you have to decide for or against a gay lifestyle? and what’s the difference to so called straight folks?

i already gave you by the material here presented a choice of answers – but now it’s time for your answers.

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