excursion: choice and possibilities

while we are on the topic of available (or not available) possibilities to integrate deviant desires and behaviour in your life and identity here two suggestions – material as food for thoughts:


jay mc inerney : the last of the savages

the book of the story of 2 friends – a friendship between a rich kid that lives a wild live and a less rich kid that works hard to rise high. anyway a good book – and there is a sub-plot that was for me at the time actually quite a revelation: i think it was the first novel i read where being in the closet is presented as choice. more detailed: one of the protagonists wants children, professional and social success. a success he feels he would not be able to have by being gay. so he decides that his sexual desires are not the first priority… the closet as a choice.

visit jay mc inerney’s website.

connected to that topic, coming from a totally different background – but far less about choice, more about how to deal with desires you cannot integrate.


trembling before g-d

a documentary about men with homosexual desires in the orthodox and hasidic jewish community. most of these men do not want to be and can not be gays. so they have to develop different strategies to deal with their desires that disrupt their adhesion to their community. very interesting. visit the movies website here.

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