allright – this is just the obvious thing to post now:

george michael – outside

i have to say that was the moment i started to like george michael. what a way to deal with the “scandal” to be arrested in a tearoom. a good popsong and a great video. and then there is the smart move to put tearoom sex in a more general context of having sex in public places. and i have to say, sex in public places rarely looked so attractive…

and it seems that it did george good: this slick, clean, yuppie popstar slowly becomes a popstar that smokes weed and does not even apologize for it, keeps on cruising truckers in public parcs and still does catchy popsongs. i know, a very bad role model. but so much more fun then a lot of the others.

so you get even some more george michael – his unplugged session at the three mills studios in london from october 11th, 1996. this is a bootleg and comes with covers included.

the sound quality is excellent and the tracklist reads as follows (and i have to admit i am really into the song father figure – go figure):

01. 6:35 Freedom
02. 5:31 Fast Love
03. 5:42 I Can’t Make You Love Me
04. 6:17 Father Figure
05. 5:32 You Have Been Loved
06. 5:09 Everything She Wants
07. 5:14 Praying For Time
08. 6:13 Star People
Bonus tracks
09. 5:49 Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
10. 4:38 You Know That I Want To
11. 4:27 Safe
12. 4:41 Spinning The Wheel (forthright edit)

go get it here.


5 Responses to “outside”

  1. Fatih Schoster Says:

    Great shared..

    Thank you very much ! in George Michael Turkey team!.

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure! greetings to turkey!

  3. Fatih Schoster Says:

    Great and thanks sunbathlingzard !

  4. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleaseure!

  5. Fatih Schoster Says:

    Sunbathinglizard ..

    you, for Im sharing this album’s videos links. ?

    George Michael – MTV Unplugged concert’s videos.

    now thanks. Im waiting for you. Thankschön.

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