come and lick me

identities, different positions to be taken and to discharge, playing with roles and ascribed and / or chosen identities – time for a compilation.


from yours truly, the sunbathinglizard comes a compilation from 2004, called come and lick me. all this reading about identity and difference and so on reminded me that i once made a rather tongue in cheek compilation somehow fitting to these topics. i took great care by selecting and sequencing these songs according primarily to the lyrics and then of course to the musical flow. the music is…hm, mainstream indie-rock with some edge. well, it has been done for someone, so i was given a certain musical direction.

since i’m not a great fan of tracklists (yeah, i’m all about context) you only get the tracktitles. but be aware that i am quite into alternate versions. so the story they tell might be not the story you hear. you’ll find the list in the comments. and of course you are welcome to complete it. you know, user generated content, web 2.0 and all that…

so – get the compilation here, turn up the volume and start licking!

One Response to “come and lick me”

  1. sunbathinglizard Says:

    ::kiss me kiss me kiss me::sexy boy::stripped::glory box::i feel love::trust me i’m a doctor::i need your love::closer::headhunter::rape me::exposed to you::love rears its ugly head::we’re in this together now::bigger stronger::le vent nous portera::i just can’t get enough::protège moi::

    huh – and they already do tell quite a story, these titles.

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