i posted already two mixes by dj d.k.b. without giving you any information on the man. since i have a lot of his mixes i will give you a short indroduction to the man.

coming from switzerland he never became famous, but he was certainly infamous.

” i guess my problem was that i was never satisfied as a dj to just deliver what people were expecting – i wanted to educate them that there is a lot more great music out there that you can dance to as well. so my dj-sets were either hated or the whole room was rocking. coming from a detroit-techno background i nevertheless thought that the best sets are the ones where one tries to incorporate also a lot of other styles. personally i like to dance to dj’s that keep on surprising me. and i still think that a lot of lines that people draw regarding musical styles are rather artificial. funny enough people did like my chill out sets a lot, though. i more or less quit djing a couple of years ago – i bought too many records and did not get enough bookings. i guess i also got a little bit tired – too many parties in general. and my life changed at a certain stage quite radically. other thing with my mixes: there i tried to make a tape / cd that you can listen to repeatedly and that maybe even stands the test of time. i did some nice compilations as well which have been well received by my friends. and of course i am very flattered that you put up some of my old stuff. (d.k.b. – my translation)”

true true – he was sometimes pretty wild. i personally liked when he had the first or the last slot of evening: he would start with rather slow and gentle sounds and slowly work towards the faster and harder stuff. a great way to start your dancing night. and as an after hour dj he played a lot of really banging, out there shit which was very appropriate for a wasted crowd. and they usually went wild. but i also remember that he sometimes really dared to go far: after playing an hour of straight techno he would suddenly drop some really hilarious discotunes – some people loved it, others were totally upset since you can not play such cheesy and commercial music in an underground techno club… and one of the worst evenings must have been when he played a straight detroit techno set in front of a trance crowd. the club was full but nobody was dancing – and i was standing up there with him (to give him some moral backing, but realizing that he fucked it big time), and some guy came up, just when he was playing the bells by jeff mills, demanding that he finally play some music one can dance to, something with a rhythm. ooops.

and true, he might have been sometimes too wild, but i always thought that you could feel that every record he played he really liked. and his wide musical range made indeed for excellent chill out sets – there he was not provocative, but gentle. i do remember some very nice trips. yeah, back in the days when we were young…

so what you get today is actually a chill out cd, well, part one of a two cd-set called earth flow. a little bit pop, a little bit downbeat, and a lot more. it flows rather elegantly with a slight melancholic tinge. just the right thing for a sunny weekend in fall…

get it here.

and if you like it – i got a lot more of his stuff.

2 Responses to “”

  1. doru649 Says:

    will try some of this guy’s stuff, maybe i’ll even recognize some tunes. ta.

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    you certainly will – loads of classics…

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