pointer – square dancing in a round house


this is a good moment to introduce another very fine blog with very fine music: square dancing in a round house. a music blog which posts a lot i actually have as well in my vaults…somewhere. since the last post was metalheadz’ metalbox, i especially would like to point out goldie‘s (co-founder of metalheadz) timeless (the double disc edition). but you also find the techstep sampler from the emotif label and the highly recommended torque by ed rush, dj trace, fierce, and nico.

then you’ll find classic techno (get yourself that jeff mills mix-cd (yes, the liquid room one) if you do not already have it!), dubby stuff, leftfield stuff, german post-punk and still a lot more… as a big plus there is an introductory text to each post that is not just copied from discogs or wikipedia. in other words: a top notch music blog!

2 Responses to “pointer – square dancing in a round house”

  1. square dancer Says:

    Those are very friendly words indeed. Thanks a lot, I’m feeling quite flattered! You’ve got a pretty nice place here yourself though. Lots of fascinating and thought-provoking stuff, and you don’t necessarily have to be queer to enjoy it (although that would be okay too, of course). Anyway, you gotta love a blog where drum’n’bass is seen through the lens of Barthes-ian theory 🙂

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks! yep – sometimes i am surprised myself at how life and theory can make sense. together.

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