sound of the bullet


we get a little bit less hard but stay with the fast drums and the deep bass – seemingly you do not like your music too hard anyway. this time we get rather dark. so let’s take the ghost train with sound of the bullet. one of my favourite mixtapes from the golden period of dark drum ‘n’ bass by dj d.k.b..

the full title, guns don’t kill, the sound of the bullet in the flesh does, refers actually to a sound installation by franz pomassl (and a speech about sonic warfare, if i remember correctly). the tape dates from august 1997 and i ripped it in two mp3 files at 192. enjoy and be ready to dive deep…

get it here.

2 Responses to “sound of the bullet”

  1. yardie Says:

    I wish somebody would come up with some tracklisting…i remember a few of those tunes, if i’m sure…i’ll post my suggestions…

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    pfuuh – if i remember it correctly there are some droppin’ science tunes (so it must be some dylan?). the last one is doppelgänger (i asked it at the time. but i do not remember if it was the artist or the track) – german label? grin – this will be quite some work…

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