labi siffre


yes, it is time for some poetry. poetry by labri siffre. no haikus, but poetry as process: it’s an ongoing collection of poetry, snippets of observations, feelings, reactions to the world in the form of a blog.

sometimes hm, melancholic:

required reading


I don’t want descriptions of things.
I want evocations of what it is
to take seventy, eighty, ninety years
to expire and how we fail to do that
with dignity and die trying

sometimes political, sometimes on a more lighter note:

The Shock of the New


(with apologies to Robert Hughes)

My uncle says, these days he’s lucky
if he gets an erection that lasts long enough
for him to get the damn thing out of his trousers

My aunt says he’s lucky ‘cos she’s so dry
they’d probably spontaneously combust
from the friction

I’ve tried to teach them how to get online
surf and send email and I’d like to
tell them about sex

aid lubricants and sildenafil
but I reckon they’re out of sympathy
with new technology

for more please visit into the light. and make sure to read his about page. enjoy!

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