insert: arno – live

we are staying in belgium and have here a well known singer and actor by the name of arno (born arno hintjens – that’s the name that gives you the good results when searching). if i remember correctly he has a guest-appearance on la muerte’s live-cd raw. although arno is certainly rock, there are clear references to chanson. so it is chanson-rock – aargh, that sounds really ugly. it is of course not. chanson less in the sense of jaques brel then of serge gainsbourg – like with mr. gainsbourg i sometimes have the feeling that arno was a dirty old man the moment he reached puberty – so yes, the lyrics are also fun. and yes, it has an accordeon, too.


here you find a live recording taped from swiss radio way back on december 12th 1990. it is part of a concert at the rote fabrik in zürich, switzerland (the end is missing). if you want to listen to newer music of his, you can visit his website. and if you are interested to hear more live arno you either go to one of his concerts (he is touring europe right now) or you visit this fansite.

and if you are interested what arno did before arno – he was with a band called tc matic – and you would like to listen to them, too: here you’ll find their compil complet (their “complete compilation”). highly recommended!

4 Responses to “insert: arno – live”

  1. tom Says:

    Hi, link seems to be gone. Is it possible to upload again ? Thanks

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    noted! will come up in the next days… hmmm…. and i think i have something extra, too….

  3. tom Says:

    many thanks !!!

  4. sunbathinglizard Says:

    my pleasure : )

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