pointer. the gayest thing…

…i ever saw.

UPDATE: unfortunately, this blog is no longer.

sometimes funny things happen: i wanted to point you into the direction of the confirmed bachelor anyway and was actually retrieving these days a picture which i think was fitting very nicely to the title of the blog: the gayest thing i ever saw. the thing is that the confirmed bachelor actually has this very same picture now up as its main pic. respect! and i have to admit i find it of course rather sexy…


so – what’s the confirmed bachelor about? it’s a music blog (with a few non-music posts) with – hm, gay music. gay meaning here a certain style. well, have a look for yourself! and luckily he posted bearforce1, so i don’t have to (shudder). i especially recommend yvonne fair and the eery version of crazy in love by antony and the johnsons.

2 Responses to “pointer. the gayest thing…”

  1. Alexei Luthor Says:


    This photo of Burt Reynold’s was a center spread in Cosmopolitan in the 70’s and was promoted as being a “nude” photo in the media, though it doesn’t show the “goods”. I used to live nearby the restaurant in Tampa Florida that he picked up that waitress that he had an affair with when he was married to Loni Anderson, too.

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thanks for the additional information! now of course i hope to find one day the original centerfold…

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