insert – music is the language of the soul

after les negresses vertes i have to present another band which in concert is making the whole crowd smile… i’ve seen them live twice now – the first time they were really good, the second time (only a couple of months ago) they were mindblowing. it is a long time since i’ve seen a band being able to make the whole room jump and dance and sing and hoot – even old me was throwing the walking stick away…


i am talking of the cat empire. i do like their records, and after searching for quite a while i even found a live bootleg – but nothing compares to see them live. what an energy! what fun! they’re totally mad in the best sense of the word. mad about music. and the singer (well, there are two – the one who does not play the trumpet) and the dj have one of the sexiest hip action ever seen going on – shakira, move over! i’ve seen a lot of shows, really a lot, but this one was certainly one of the best, ever.

sooo – on september the 22nd their new record so many nights comes out, and even more important: they are on tour! at the moment back in their home country australia, and in november all over europe. so if you like music, go and see them. that’s it. just go and see them.

what can happen on a concert is best described with a little text from their website:

“where the hip-hop community dance to gypsy, the jazz purists jump to hip-hop, the latinos bop to reggae, the rastas shake to latin, the elderly sweat to funk, the youth swing to dancehall, and everyone wakes up a little happier.”

to give you an idea – really just an idea, yeah, here i repeat myself again: they’re best experienced live – here a bootleg recording of a concert in london. i have no additional information (though i have some ideas about the source) on this recording, and i’m not even sure that the tracks are in the right order. at least the sound quality is excellent. if anybody knows more about it: drop me a line.

2 Responses to “insert – music is the language of the soul”

  1. n.e.w Says:

    i agree …i agree…the best i have heard..just wild.

  2. n.e.w Says:

    p.s. these crazy cats are coming to zurich in november..already have my tickets!!!

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