i have lived – mister almond live

marc almond was for me more something of a eighties thing – i guess due to changing interests in music i lost a little bit sight of his work during the nineties – well, he also made some records i don’t find that good… but his name kept popping up – sometimes in interesting collaborations – and there has been the little beautiful swan song for new york in the form of a little book called the end of new york.

but now he has a new record out called stardom road. well, i got it, popped it in my cd-player and it starts with a charles aznavour song called i have lived – wuuhaa – a great song that is perfect for a funeral – not because it is so dark, but because it is so joyful…

and well, the whole record is very good.

in this context i would like to present you a little pearl that reached me through the big O – a great site (not only) for roios (=records of unknown origin=bootlegs). go and check them out here! (also exists in a blog version here.)

the pearl i am talking about is a recording of marc almond live at the mermaid theatre, london on june 1, 2007.


he sings some new songs and some old songs – and it gives you a taste how the new record sounds….

since they are not available anymore at the big O i decided to up them again – it is a fine performance in very good quality (fm-rip).

that’s the tracklist:

1. Happy Heart (Last/Rae/Weyrich)
2. I Have Lived (Aznavour/Kasha/Hirshorn)
3. Redeem Me (Almond/De Vries)
4. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (Westlake)
5. Stardom Road (Stamp/Avery)
6. Backstage (I’m Lonely) (Anisfield/Denson/Almond)
7. Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart (Greenway/Cook)
8. Say Hello Wave Goodbye (Almond/Bell)
9. The Curtain Falls (Marc Almond)

and you can get it (including cover art) here (link killed).

the original post with some more information you find here.

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