mother fist…

travelling the mediterranean, receiving a rose on our way we stop late in the day at a port…

sitting in a streetcafé, sipping something sweet and strong we watch the sun go down. the sailors start to flock in – we watch them checking out the whores, we watch them getting drunk on the cheap local hard stuff, we watch them looking for love for a night. we watch their sunburned, strong, hairy arms, we watch their bulging, tight, white trousers. and sometimes our hungy eyes meet… opening possibilites…just for one night.


the album mother fist and her five daughters is an album that i listen to for 20 years now. it gives me the feeling to travel, to dive into the hallucinatory world of querelle, a world maybe of cruelty, but also of beauty. a world of desire and lust, broken hearts but sometimes also of total bliss…

yes, marc almond and the willing sinners made for me a record which as a whole is its own universe and which stands the test of time very well.

it is a record that uses european musical tradition in a unique way, developing it further and it is also steeped in a gay culture which often gets described as sleazy – the world of hustlers, saylors, whores, trannys, dragqueens, cabarets. and it is just enough over the top to make it despite – or because? – of all the drama light – comparable to some films by the spanish filmmaker almodovar.

there would be a lot more to say about marc almond, his carreer, his records, collaborations, books – but this is all information that is easily available. to start you might want to have a look at his webpage and / or his myspace-profile.

for the moment let’s just enjoy our evening at the port and marc telling us stories about another, but somehow also our world….


you can get a vinylrip (two parts: sida a/side b – mp3@193, tracklist and partial coverscans included) of mother fist and here five daughters here (link dead).

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