frau fassbinder

time for some music. music from frau fassbinder, better known as ingrid caven. she sings smoky chansons in french, english, and german. compared to the other german actresses / singers moving to paris, lotte lenya and marlene dietrich as well as to edith piaf she certainly is a singer not to miss. unfortunately the distribution of her records seems to be good in france – but not so good anywhere else. so here (link killed) you find her record chambre 1050 from 1999.

ingrid caven chambre 1050

i actually wanted to post a live recording, but since H neglects me these days terribly i was unable to get his copy for digitalization.but as a bonus you can listen to an interview with her on german radio from january 2007. yes, it is in german. you can listen, download or read the transcript here:

and here is the official ingrid caven website.

2 Responses to “frau fassbinder”

  1. nicholas Says:

    great blog.

    Any chance of a re-up of this record? Also, if you ever manage to find a way to get a copy of that live recording, it would be wonderful to hear…

    All the best – keep up the good stuff and thanks in advance.

  2. sunbathinglizard Says:

    thank you, and

    FINALLY! i am waiting for that request for quite a while… grin
    ingrid caven is planned to re-appear on this blog in a short while (in about, hm, 8-10 posts about music, i guess) – and yes, also the live record (there is actually a funny story to it) and then some more…

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